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camping valenciaValencia, the third city of Spain by number of inhabitants. It is a touristic, mediterranean, friendly and completely flat city, ideal for walking or cycling, and that has much to offer them: the historic center; the City of Arts and Sciences with the modern buildings of the Valencian architect Santiago Calatrava; the Oceanographic is the largest aquarium in Europe; the port was the headquarters of the America’s Cup; The beaches of the city are wide and clean sand very well-kept, very lively in summer season.

The Jardines del Turia on the old bed of this river, are the green belt of the city: a large green and sports area, full of people walking, running, cycling, families with children and where all kinds of outdoor activities are carried out free.

The Bioparc is a modern zoo without cages, which brings us closer to African wildlife: lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, etc. And in its neighboring Parque de Cabecera there is a nice lake, ideal to rest on its terraces or climb by boat.

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Plant lovers can enjoy walking through the Botanical Garden of Valencia, one of the best in Spain.

To visit the city center, we recommend getting off at the Angel Guimerá Metro station, and going into the old town you will reach the Central Market, full of fresh products and the occasional bar where you can enjoy delicious snacks. It opens only in the mornings, from Monday to Saturday.

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Right in front is the Lonja de la Seda, a 15th century palace where merchants treated their businesses, a beautiful World Heritage building.Going to the Plaza de la Reina enter to visit the Plaza Redonda, and once in the tourist center of the heart of the city (and starting point of the tour buses) you will see the Gothic Cathedral of Valencia, with its imposing tower “El Miguelete” “Whoever exceeds its 207 steps offers unforgettable views from the top. In the Gothic Cathedral the authentic Holy Grail is exhibited, the only one recognized by the Vatican as original and true.

Behind is the Plaza de la Virgen, which at the Las Fallas festival (declared by Unesco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity) is the destination of all falleros and falleras, where they come to make their Flower Offering.

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We recommend continuing to walk to the Church of San Nicolás, a curious temple of Gothic structure and Baroque decoration, whose roofs, recently restored after 4 years of painstaking work, have earned it the name of “Valencian Sistine Chapel”. The entire center of the old city and the Barrio del Carmen, full of narrow and winding streets, with plenty of bars, restaurants and terraces, as well as churches, palaces and museums, will deserve every step.

We also recommend that you visit the Mercado de Colón, an imposing modernist building, today dedicated to leisure and tourism, and is open all day. It is the perfect place to
camping valenciarest with a beer, a coffee or a refreshing horchata, the typical Valencian drink.

In addition to this small relationship, Valencia has a lot to offer, we encourage you to document on the Internet about the many charms and services that this city can offer you. In the downtown area they have two Tourist Offices, where they will gladly expand and document any information.

Metro2019-valencia-camper-parkTo visit the city have a Metro stop only 300 meters from the Camping; leaving go to the left, and at the end again to the left, following the two signs. In the reception window there are the exposed schedules: see in the calendar the color of the day (white, yellow or red) and go to the corresponding table. The journey to Angel Guimerá station, in the center of Valencia, takes about 25 minutes. The last Metro returns here around 10:45 pm, although the departure time from Valencia will logically depend on your departure station.

There is no ticket sale at the “Horta Vella” Metro stop, but you can buy them at the Reception. To offer them at a better price, we have cards with 10 trips (bonometers) with which several people can travel. Each bonometro costs 16.- €, plus a € 2 deposit for the card, as it is owned by the Camping. We usually have scraps (cards with less than 10 trips) that result in € 1.60 each trip, plus the deposit. When returning the card we return the deposit and also the unused travel, according to the MetroValencia computer system.

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The cards (Bonometro or Tourist Card) work by proximity: at the Metro stop there is a machine with a red disk. Before boarding the train, bring your card to the disk, as many times as people travel. The train stops only if you call it: to raise your hand to the driver; and to lower press the button when the panel of your car indicates “Horta Vella”.

MetroValencia asks that pets travel in a pet carrier (box or bag). If you need one, at Reception we can help you. If your dog can not travel in a carrier, at Reception we can look for a taxi that transports animals, or a nearby farm that will pick up and take care of your dog while you visit Valencia.
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On Sundays it is allowed to carry bicycles throughout the Metro network, and the other days you can transport the bicycle for free in the sections where the Metro circulates on the surface, but not in the underground sections. In our line 1 that change occurs in the station “Empalme”, where they must take their bicycles. However, if you want to go to the beach you can transfer to line 4, which always circulates on the surface. The station “Pont de Fusta” is near the historic center and can be reached by transporting the bicycle.

We also offer Valencia Tourist Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours (1, 2 or 3 days). These cards are activated when they go to the Metro for the first time, and allow the unlimited use of the entire Metro, Bus and Tram network. They also give free access to the 20 municipal museums, and give discounts on the most commercial attractions (Oceanográfic, Bioparc, Bus Turistic, etc). With each card a small book is given explaining all its advantages, and also in some agreed bars they will invite you to a cane with a lid. More information in www.valenciatouristcard.com

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The Camping gate remains closed between 10:30 pm and 8:00 am, but only for vehicles, for safety and silence. There is a small side door for pedestrians, which is always open. A taxi from Valencia to the Camping usually costs between 20 and 25 euros approximately.

Regardless of the time of entry, the day of departure the plot must be free at 12:00. If you wish, you can leave later, although in this case half rate applies (50% of your daily rate).

Inside the Camping it is forbidden to light a fire. The use of small charcoal barbecues (without flame) is permitted and a shower or jug is prepared to immediately prevent any possible conatus. In the Camper zone, the soil is hard compacted and there are buried electrical cables, please do not drive any pegs, except in the trees’ tree-beds. In the Country zone and in the Stores zone, however, if it is allowed to drive spikes into the ground.
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If you leave the campsite with your vehicle, please leave the plot occupied with a table or chairs, to prevent any new entry from occupying your site.

In toilets, showers and sinks we use water made chlorine-free, so its use is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. In the mini-market of the bar they have bottled water.

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We remind you that you are in an ecological campsite that generates electricity by solar panels, makes water from the well and purifies your waste, so we appreciate your respectful behavior with the environment, feeling this as your own home. In the Valencia Region, water is a scarce resource, and even then we offer our showers without limits or coins, in return we only ask you to use the water you need, but out of respect for the environment we beg you not to waste it.

Although the campground is closed and video surveillance, with staff working throughout the day, we can not offer a 24-hour surveillance service or take responsibility for their belongings. All the staff of Valencia Camper Park are at your disposal to help you, count on us for whatever you need. We also have the collaboration of Recaravan, a mobile workshop service for the repair and maintenance of your vehicles or trailers.

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In Valencia Camper BAR they cook delicious Valencian paellas, which can be meat, fish or vegetarian, and you can take them in the restaurant or in your vehicle, but remember to order them in advance. Please request them at the Bar, where they also cook tapas, sandwiches, salads, etc. and have a mini-market of basic products.

The town of Bétera is 1.2 km away and with its 22,000 inhabitants offers any service they may need. To walk or bike we recommend leaving the campsite on the right and when the road forks go on the right. If you drive, go out on the left and cross again on the left. In both cases you will reach a roundabout at the beginning of the urban area, at the other end at the end of this avenue there is a large Mercadona, with its own parking.

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You can also go to Bétera with the Metro in just two minutes because it is the next stop, and in front of the station there is a supermarket of the Dia chain.

We appreciate your stay at Valencia Camper Park, and if you liked the experience, please share it with your friends or on their forums with some kind comments. You know that this is your home in Valencia, we will be happy to welcome you on your next visit!

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